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Business Coaching

Coaching is a key element in helping your business become successful today! Surveys conducted by the International Coach Federation reveal the result of working with a coach had tangible benefits that were not an initial objective or goal of the coaching agreement. The knock on affect can be realised in many ways – an increase in sales and revenue were gained even when the remit was not financially directed.


Finding new clients is a constant and often costly challenge and statistically you lose 68% of your client base without doing anything – so in other words don’t do anything and they will walk. This proves that retaining customers is not always about the price you charge or about delivering on time, it is about how you make them feel in the overall process.

There are lots of behind the scene things that need to be in place to make you great at customer service for example, knowing what your clients actually want. Are they happy with what you are providing, would they like more or something different? How are you measuring their satisfaction and how well do you handle complaints? To have all these processes in place may seem an arduous task but they form the backbone of your business so the structure supports you in ensuring that you provide the very best service you can at all times and your customers are not left dangling while you or your employees decide what you should be doing to fix their problem.

Coaching helps with all aspects of your business – here are some examples:

  • Goal setting
  • Succession planning
  • Growth planning
  • Process implementation
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Business metrics

So whatever your challenges are, if you would like your working day to be easier with less stress and more fun and increase your revenue, give me a ring and ask me how!

My style of coaching is challenging but supportive and never judgemental. I am objective and my role is to add value by helping you to get results working with your agenda.


Would you want to have a motivated workforce where teams are cohesive and production is at its optimum? Individuals are performing to their maximum potential and staff retention and employee morale is high?

Investing in employees is one of the most important aspects of growing your business and especially in a period of change or growth you need assurance that your current workforce is up to the challenge. Coaching provides organisations with the perfect platform to identify and build the strengths in key players and elevate the effectiveness of your business. When your people grow in alignment with your business, amazing things happen.

One to one coaching is of great value to all employees especially in the first six months in a new role. It helps individuals to know what is expected of them, what their daily, weekly and monthly objectives and targets are, enabling them to structure their day around achieving them.

It supports them in understanding how to meet employer expectations and eradicates misunderstandings and stress for both parties that can be caused by uncertainty and ambiguity. Coaching naturally helps communication between all parties to flow more freely and relationships are conducted with far more ease and trust.

So how does it work? I work with you to develop a plan for individuals in accordance with your business goals and strategy and provide some coaching tips to enable Managers to continue the good work in helping employees to feel valued and listened to.

DISC profiling can be carried out in isolation if required, with no obligation to enter into a coaching relationship. If all you want is to have an employee profile to assess strengths and suitability to specific roles, there is an online DISC assessment which provides a comprehensive report at the end.

If you would like to learn more and understand how coaching can help you to maximise performance and elevate employee morale in your company, please get in touch for a no obligation conversation.

I am always happy just to talk or advise. Coaching can be carried out via telephone or SKYPE if face to face is not possible.

What is DISC profiling?

DISC profiling is used across all sectors and is extremely effective irrespective of the size of your organisation. DISC is recognised as a leading assessment tool. I love the insights it provides and the depth of understanding you get when the results are revealed.  It’s a fun exercise for everyone to do, individuals get the rare opportunity to talk and learn about themselves.

  • Improves productivity and morale
  • Avoid stress conflict and misunderstandings
  • Improve communication
  • Raises self and team awareness
  • Helps you to understand behaviours
  • How an individual performs under pressure
  • Reveals round peg in square hole
  • Identifies strengths and challenges
  • Allows you to see what your organisations looks like

So what is the difference between coaching, mentoring and training?

Coaching is about YOU, your goals, dreams and desires where you are the expert in your business. Coaching is fluid and structured and it focuses on your objectives and what you want to achieve.

Mentoring is where advice and guidance based on experience is given, the mentor has usually taken the same or similar route that the mentee desires.

Training is teaching, it is about imparting knowledge, improving skills and performance. It follows a structure with goals and competencies that must be met.

Coaching should not be confused with counselling, in coaching we are not trying to fix personal or emotional issues and it is not like therapy.

Here to listen and happy to just talk

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